About the Artist

We could have called this website “MoreThanYouEverWantedtoKnowAboutSlaterBarronandHerArt.com”. but that seemed like a lot to type so we settled on slaterbarron.com and lintlady.com. I must confess to being very prolific and as you can see from my resume, I’ve been making art for many years.

I work from a conceptual foundation, trying to use the media that best fits the idea. Recycled materials are often the media of choice. I like to make objects, usually trying to do things I may not be able to pull off. The process of problem solving becomes obsessive and joyful.

While attaining my M.F.A. at the California State University, Long Beach and bachelors at the University of California, Irvine, I had the privilege of studying with art notables John Paul Jones and William Wegman. Now, I am inspired by my surroundings and those I hold dear as well as many social causes I feel strongly about.

Some of the work you see no longer exists, such as the Lint Environments and Installations, although several of the small artifacts from these pieces are intact. Some pieces have been placed in the collections of museums and individual collectors. Some of my installed mural have, unfortunately, been vandalized. Many works had literary additives, were multimedia, or included performance. Fortunately, I have a good photographic record and I have included statements with several bodies of work explaining the conceptual origins of the art and outlining the presentation details . Slater Barron